Visual Communication and Design Elements and Principles

Graphic design elements and principles form the basics behind every professional graphic design; and understanding how to imply these into every design work is what most beginners fail to do.   Well, in this article, we are going to be talking on two sub-topics major in the graphic design niche: Design Elements Design Principles Graphic

Building on Your Graphic Design Skill with Graphic Design Expert – Whizgenius

Are you having problem in developing on your graphic design skills? Do you aim to be a Master Graphic Designer? Well this brief interview with the CEO of Elite Media Hub- Mr. Praise Philemon O. is the answer to all your questions. A couple of weeks back, I had a wonderful interview with top Photo Manipulation

Facebook’s Logo Design Secret-Who Designed The Facebook Logo?

The future was predicted wisely by Mark Zuckerberg and his creative director The secret behind the design of the Facebook logo The secret behind most popular products always raises a high alarm among people.   Every Logo depicts a specific trait of every company, institution or even social gathering. It symbolizes what functions and attributes makes