Building on Your Graphic Design Skill with Graphic Design Expert – Whizgenius


Are you having problem in developing on your graphic design skills?

Do you aim to be a Master Graphic Designer?

Well this brief interview with the CEO of Elite Media Hub- Mr. Praise Philemon O. is the answer to all your questions.

A couple of weeks back, I had a wonderful interview with top Photo Manipulation Expert- Alaa Abo Elmagd and you will agree with me that it was really informative.

Well we have a new guest in the house today.

… and I must say; it was pretty difficult to get an interview with him. But when I did, I had a totally new and different perspective on how to go about my graphic designs.

So let’s dive right into the discussion.

Graphic Expert In Nigeria Shares His Thoughts

CHUKS: Hello Mr Praise Philemon, can you briefly introduce yourself to us?



I’m Praise Philemon O. as you just mentioned, but prefer being called by my nickname, “WhizGenius” shortened for “Genius”.

I am presently a Graphic Designer, web designer and developer, currently the CEO of Elite Media Hub- a media/tech company.

I am a student of FUTA, Nigeria, 300 level, Computer science. I think that should be all.


CHUKS: Nice name >> “WhizGenius”

So Mr. WhizGenius, tell us, when did you start Graphic Designing and what really inspired you to go into it?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): I became a certified Graphic Designer on the 3rd of October 2015 (quite funny that I still remember the date).

I was inspired by curiosity. I became a Graphic Designer because I just wanted to know how it is done; back then, I was very bad at colors.


CHUKS: Wow! They say “Curiosity kills the cat”, well I guess you are one tough tommy cat genius.

So how was it for you back then learning graphic design from the scratch? Did you have any assistance from anywhere or anybody?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): Well I can’t say that I learnt graphic design from the scratch. A training came up at a very subsidized price which I took control of the opportunity. I didn’t learn the entirety of Graphics. In fact, I was only taught 5% of all that I know today. Along the road, I’ve had great assistance from top people in the same field either through physical or social platforms. Special thanks goes to HED Official – Abiola Eskay and many more. But most of my learning came from the Internet and Challenges.


CHUKS: Challenges? Please can you throw more light to that?

For every job that I did in 2016, it was one that I had not done before. That kept me learning more and more.


The motto: Increase The Drive- If You Can Think It, You Can make it.


CHUKS: Interesting!

S0 what were your strengths and weaknesses when you first started graphic design?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): Truth be told, I only had my Imagination as strength.
See more on how to use your imagination as a strength. About my weaknesses, every single thing about design is my weakness.


CHUKS: Wow! So you are indirectly saying that graphic design as a whole was your weakness but the power of your imagination countered it. Are you in a way saying that the mind is the best design tool ever?

Yes! You can’t design what you haven’t imagined. That is where concept comes into play.

… and the mind feeds on Inspiration to make Imaginations.


CHUKS: That is really nice to know. But the difficulty and a question usually asked by most young minded Designers is: “How can I improve on my Imaginative Skills?”


Find a Source! For me, it’s nature and music. So find a source and you will improve.


CHUKS: You mean source as in, spending time in nature if nature is your inspiration?

…or listening to your favorite song tracks if music is your inspiration?

Yes! You could also use other designers’ work as inspiration. It all depends on you!

The good thing about being a designer is that, the ball is always in your court.


CHUKS: That is nice to know. So more about graphic design… On what platforms do you get your graphic works done?


I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


CHUKS: Good to know. But there are so many other graphic design softwares out there, what makes adobe Photoshop and Illustrator so special?


That is because they were the first I would actually use. This relates to my training at the beginning of my Graphic Designing phase. The training which I attended was an Adobe training.


CHUKS: So in what aspect of Graphic Design are you focused on majorly?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): Branding, logo design/flyers, photo manipulation/retouching and many more.

logo design technique

CHUKS: That is good. So as a graphic designer and student of FUTA, Nigeria, with a lot of responsibilities placed on you as the CEO of Elite Media Hub; My question is,

“how do you, with all these activities stay fit and have personal time for yourself?”

Most guys will say “balance” but I will say “priority”

… I deal with the most important at a particular time.

CHUKS: Interesting! But have you in anyway influenced graphic designing in your community or your country, Nigeria as a whole? If yes, in what way have you done so?

I will say no for now. But I have been nominated in the ANUCA awards for the Best Student graphic designer of the year.


CHUKS: Wish you the best on that man. So using the Adobe Photoshop software, what tool do you find most interesting to use while working on a Graphic Design?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): I will say the Quick Selection Tool.


CHUKS: Wow! That’s like my most favorite tool too. So let’s talk a little bit about using the quick selection tool, I have noticed one major problem experienced by most graphic designers when it comes to making a selection in Photoshop;

…and that problem is the inability to “refine edges” properly after making a selection. So can you tell us how these kind of errors can easily be fixed?

The “Refine Dialog Box” should help out just fine. But if that doesn’t work, we have the “Layer Masks” to thank God for.


CHUKS: Hahahaha! Ya! Special thanks to God almighty for that. What about “Blend Modes” when it comes to photo manipulation tricks; How do you get two different images of different Color Styles to blend into each other properly?

If you understand how they work and how they affect every color, you will get by it just fine.


CHUKS: I guess that is where the power of Imagination comes into play. If I may ask, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years time in Graphic Designing?

Up there ooo! Hahahaha.

…by God’s grace.

CHUKS: Yes o! The sky is our limits. So are you currently working on any major Design project?

...and also, are you into freelancing? If yes, how has it helped you in life?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): No major Design project for now. And ya, am into freelancing and it has helped me greatly in digging deeper into my work.


CHUKS: Okay! Walk me through your portfolio for a few seconds. Which is the best Design work you have ever done?

Wow! Tough choice!


CHUKS: Hahaha.. I guess all your works are so perfect. Well, just make a choice. May be a Design work that was the toughest to come up with or the one that took most of your time…


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): I will pick these…



CHUKS: Wow! Looks perfect. Was it tough for you to come up with this? Was it time consuming? If so, by how much?

… and what were the challenges that you faced while designing these masterpiece.


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): Tough? No! Time exhausting? Yes! cos it was my own work. By how much? I can’t really say.


CHUKS: Wow! That is good to know. Knowing that professionals still got challenges that they face, even though they are not much, really gives me a sigh of relief. Nobody is really perfect! Before we call it quit with this interview, taking a look at Tutorial Graphics, do you find it very innovative and a good way to pass out knowledge?

…and would you recommend it for young minded Graphic Designers?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): Sure thing! it’s very informative.

Good job!


CHUKS: Thanks alot. So do you have any advice for young Graphic Designers out there?

…and should in case there are fans out there, in what way can they reach out to you?


PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): For designers, “Never Stop Learning”! For fans, catch me on IG @elitemediaofficial.


CHUKS: Thanks alot sir for your time, we hope that the future brings better things in store for us all.

PRAISE PHILEMON(WhizGenius): Thank you to Mr. Chuks, Wish you the best of luck.


Wow! what an interesting interview we just had.

Here are some other interesting works of Mr. Praise Philemon



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  1. I love this.

    The motto:

    Increase The Drive- If You Can Think It, You Can make it.

    Nice interview. It is great to see students that are entrepreneurs.

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