Quick Tips To Awesome Graphic Designs

Quick Tips To Awesome Graphic Designs
I think you will agree with me when I say:

“It’s extremely difficult to design graphics within a short period of time without going through so much stress”

Isn’t that true?

Well, it happens that, you can actually come up with a wonderful graphic design within a very short period of time, as short as “60 seconds”.

… a strategy that has really helped me design some cool graphic works with an average time of a minute.

Learn a quick boost to improving on your graphic design career with these quick tips to awesome graphic designs.

Time is key in every work-done, but with graphic designing, time is the majority. 

Without the proper knowledge on time management, graphic designing will really be more exhausting and time consuming than it really is.

Quick Tips To Awesome Graphic Designs:

Step 1

– Picking The Perfect Design Tool: Most graphic designers are at fault when it comes to picking the perfect design tool.

For example, I see graphic designers using adobe Photoshop while trying to design an INFOGRAPHIC

This is absolutely wrong!

This is not to say that using adobe Photoshop to design  infographics is not possible.

It is!

But the downside to this is:

It is really time consuming as you have to try to align texts, photos, frames and so on to fit properly. But, with a design tool like the Adobe Illustrator, this can be done much more easier and faster, as line grids and rulers have already been provided to help avoid the stress of alignment, thus; Saving Time.

Also In picking the perfect design tool, you have to use a design tool that fits you and one that you don’t find difficulty in using.

Sounds itchy to the ear? 

Well let me explain.

Still on design of Infographics, 

let’s say you have finally decided to use the Adobe Illustrator to design the perfect infographic for yourself and decide to get the software to work with it.

Wow! You have to pay for it.
…and I must say, Adobe products are really expensive.

Now this is really discouraging! No software means no graphic design work also.

Well there is a strategy to this; There are thousands upon thousands of design software in which you barely pay for to use. A major example is Canva.

Canva gives you access to design amazing infographics for a price of “NO PAY”. 

… and it really saves time too!

So there you have it, the first Quick Tip To Awesome Graphic Designs is..

“Picking The Perfect Design Tool.”

Step 2
– Know Your Keyboard Shortcuts: This is one major thing that graphic designers fail to focus on, 

If you weren’t meant to know them, why then did the developers inculcate such feature to the software?

Knowing your keyboard shortcuts is the major trick i have used to design graphics with quick speed thus Saving Time.

I find this really useful when it comes to design of Logos and Creating Special Effects.

This is a logo that I did for Cool Python Codes and you will not believe me when I say that, it took me less than 2 minutes to come up with this design.

All thanks to “keyboard shortcuts (computer shortcut keys)“.

Keyboard shortcuts like:
Pressing “D” on the keyboard to set foreground/background color to it’s default (black/white).

Pressing the keyboard shortcut,  “alt/opt + delete” to fill layer with the foreground color.

Keyboard shortcuts are really difficult to master but with time, you will get a hand of it.

There you have it, the second Quick Tip To Awesome Graphic Design is:

“Knowing Your Keyboard Shortcuts.”

Step 3

Trust Your Imaginations To Do The Rest

So I was given this photo by a friend of mine from Norway and was asked if I could Create A Special Effect with it.

At first i was really nervous and scared and did not really know where to start from; because I was kinda new to the whole Special Effects thing. 

So I went on the net and downloaded some backgrounds,

after I had gotten that into place, I opened up my adobe Photoshop, and using the final tip, “Trust Your Imaginations To Do The Rest“, I was able to turn this mere photo into this Cool Special Effect in an approximate time of a minute and fifty-four seconds.

Sounds impossible right?

Well I could not believe it myself.

The Key to this?

“Trusting Your Imaginations”.
But How Can You Trust Your Imagination when you lack the ability to think imaginatively?

Naturally speaking, every human is designed to Think “Outside Of The Box”, it all depends on what you are exposed to.

As a Graphic Designer, you can only build on your imagination when you learn from others.

 Read books, manuals, watch tutorial videos and do everything possible to increase your knowledge on whatever field you aiming at.

Learn from their mistakes and try to be better than them;

…and the most important of all, “Create Your Own Style.”
Follow these steps that I have highlighted to you and I can assure you of quick Time Management and increased productivity in your graphic design works.

So tell me what you think about this tutorial.

Which step will you try out first? and what is the result like?

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  1. Wonderful tips to use canva software to design amazing infographics for no cost. Really it is very easy to work graphics design using canva. Do you have any tutorial on Clipping path service? You can share it.

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