Quick Web Banner Design Using fx Special Effects

Quick Web Banner Design Using fx Special Effects
Are you having difficulty coming up with the perfect Web Banner Design for your site?
…or may be you need a cool Graphic Banner for your Facebook cover photo?
Well this tutorial is the solution to all these problem.

In three(3) very easy and amazing steps, I will show you how you can design an amazing banner  using fx Special Effects in adobe Photoshop.

You will also learn using this method how you can convert any image or photograph to a Vector to come up with a cool Graphic Illustration

So let’s get started…

Tutorial Assets


Step 1 (Document Set up)

Open up adobe Photoshop and create a new document (keyboard shortcut “Ctrl/Cmd + N”)
Use the following doc set up:
Width >> 1920, Height >> 1080, Resolution >> 150, Color mode >> RGB Color and Background Contents >> White 
and click OK.
Double-click on the background layer to define a custom layer to it
Click Ok

Add Gradients For Photoshop To Layer

Left Click on Blending Options(fx) on the layer pallet >> select Gradient Overlay
Set the Blend Mode to Normal >> Opacity = 100% >> Reverse the Gradient >> Style = Radial >> Scale it up to 150%
Click on the Gradient Editor(Gradient) >> select the extreme left Gradient Slider 
Select Color and set it to the following preset
Click Ok
Change the Angle to 135′ and click Ok

Step 2 (Placing Model(Site Models))

Go to File >> click on Place
Select the picture of the “Model” and place on the document
Press “Enter”
Right click on the layer >> click Rasterize Layer

Click on Image >> Adjustments >> select Threshold

Set the Threshold Level to 117 and click then Ok

Right click on the Eraser Tool and select the Magic Eraser Tool

Click on the white region of the placed Image to delete it

Now right click on the Eraser Tool again but this time select the “Eraser Tool”

Using a large hard eraser, paint around the unwanted part of the placed Image to remove it from the work

Using The Free-Transform Tool (Ctrl/Cmd +T), scale down the Image to the size of your choice

Step 3(Working With Special Effects And Applying Text)

With the Image of the Model properly placed >> select the layer of the placed Image(I renamed it Chinedu Ngwu Joseph for clarity) >> reduce it’s opacity to 67%

Applying Text

The font I will be using for this is DaunPenh(subscribe to free newsletter to get this font and a bunch of cool fonts you can work with).
Choose a font of your choice;
Select the Text Tool by pressing T on your keyboard >> click on the Set The Font Family in the text menu >> select the text font of your choice(DaunPenh)
Set the font size to 37.91pt 

Set the Character to the following:

Type in any random text of your choice (I chose informania.net as I made this banner as a gift for a friend)

Reduce the Opacity of the text layer to 48%
With that set, it’s time to group the layers so that any effect that is applied will only affect the grouped layers.

Grouping Photoshop Layers

Left Click on the layer named “Chinedu Ngwu Joseph” >> Hold “Shift + left click” on the Text Layer >> then press “Ctrl/Cmd + G” to group the layers.
Press “Ctrl/Cmd + G” to group the two layers.
 Now this is done, it is time to apply the Special Effect to this work piece

Notice that the image looks faded in a way.

We have to increase its opacity a little bit.

Select the informania.net layer and change its opacity to “81%”

Now select the chinedu ngwu joseph layer and increase the opacity to “100%”

Apply Special Effects 

Create a new layer and fill the layer with BLACK(“Alt/Opt + Delete)

Go to Filter on the menu bar >> Click on Render >> Select Lens Flare

Select the 50-300mm Zoom >> shift the pointer inside the ash box to the right a little bit and click OK

Now go to Filter >> Blur >> select Gaussian Blur

Set the radius to 57px and click OK

Go to Image >> Click on Adjustments >> Select Hue/Saturation

Set the Saturation to +75

Set the Blend mode of the layer to Screen

Set the opacity to 45%

Right click on the fx special effects (“layer 1 copy”) and select create clipping mask

This is pretty much everything about the basics of this web banner design.

Let us now add those cool colors that shows an expression of a site loading.

Create a new layer >> select the brush tool from the tool panel(keyboard shortcut “B“) >> Select a hard small brush(set the brush preset as follows:)

From the tool panel, select the Foreground/Background color swatch and using the color picker, select any random color of your choice; I chose red, blue and lemon.

Use a small hard brush and just paint a Spot(dot) of your selected colors underneath the text.

There you have it, your own custom web banner, feel free to share it to your friends and colleagues.

Place a comment if you found this tutorial interesting and feel free to subscribe to my free newsletter for latest updates of some other wonderful Graphic Design Tutorials.




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  1. Nice post. Working with special effect can be quite challenging. Can I get the PSD file of your tutorial.

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