Secret to Awesome Photo manipulation Design Revealed by Alaa Abo Elmagd

Secret to Awesome Photo manipulation Design Revealed by Alaa Abo Elmagd

Are you a Graphic Designer and you are having difficulty improving on your creativity skill? Well join us as we explore how the mind works whenever we are in a design process.

This interview with Mr. Alaa Abo Elmagd is really fun and I can assure that you will gain a lot from it, so let’s get straight into it.



Alaa Abo Elmagd has a lot to share on his graphic designing experience that will help young minded Graphic Designers out there. He loves working with adobe Photoshop which is a proper match since most tutorials done on this site is with adobe Photoshop.

So let’s dive right into it…

CHUKS: Hello Mr. Alaa Abo Elmagd, can you briefly introduce yourself to us?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD:  I’m Alaa Abo Elmagd by name, I’m based in Egypt, I’m 22 years old, studying English literature at Faculty of Education , Damanhur University. I’ve started working as a graphic designer since the age of 14.

CHUKS: Ok, great! 

So as a student of English literature, what inspired you to dive into the career of a
graphic designer?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: The spirit and imagination that exist in the literature works could inspire anybody for a while.

CHUKS: So starting graphic designing from the really young age of 14, were there any downsides to it?

Actually, there were a lot of downsides ..
but in fact I wasn’t working as a professional designer that time
so I missed the encouragement and lost hope for a while; but I
worked more and more to get that level.

CHUKS: That sounds motivating. 

So can you tell us about your strengths and weaknesses when you first started graphic designing?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: As a begginer and especially in Egypt, I
faced many obstacles in my work because nobody was interested in my designs and there was no feedback on my work. So I became hopeless and decided more than once to quit and never back again to this field.
I got my strengths from the foreign artists as they appreciated my projects and gave me many useful and reasonable comments and feedback. They appreciate art and artists but here in Egypt they give much attention to the number of followers and likes on your work.

CHUKS: It’s nice to know that help always tend to come from the unexpected places..
So in what field in graphic designing are your works usually based on?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: I worked first as an ordinary graphic designer and most of my designs were brochures, book covers, business cards and posters for advertising; then only 3 years ago, I was so fascinated and inspired by artists of photo manipulation and dreamed to be one of them so I started looking for tutorials as any beginner would. But after then I started to adapt my own style and technique. Up until now, daily I get a new experience and knowledge about my field of art.

CHUKS: Ya! I must say, photo manipulation designs are really fascinating and mind-blowing.

Speaking about your style, are you trying to say that every graphic designer should not follow a regular trend or design pattern but should rely more on his or her self made styles and techniques?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: Of course to be on the right way you should have your own style and technique and never try to imitate anybody.

As a graphic designer, “your identity is your ideas and style“.

CHUKS: Well noted!
So with your experience on improvement of one’s design style and technique, can you tell us how you got to know about the style that best fits you and how you got to improve on such techniques?

Well, you should first look more and more at every design you see on the Internet, try to understand it and in minutes try to analyze the techniques that were used in each design that you see.. You now have a background about many styles and techniques; go on and try to make your own style, that one which you have most satisfaction on, that style which you prefer most, that one that helps you to make an artwork that fascinates you yourself before anyone of your followers or fans.

CHUKS: That is good to know!
Still on styles and techniques, which graphic designing software can you say best fits your style?
ALAA ABO ELMAGD: For me, adobe Photoshop is the master and the most useful software that helps you make creative photo manipulation artworks.

CHUKS: I couldn’t say less too.
So what interests you the most about designing with Photoshop; because I know that there are thousand and one graphic designing software out there to work with, why is Photoshop really important to you?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: In addition to its popularity, it is so easy to use, has so many creative tools, it gives you great features that help you make creative designs and make it easy to transform your
imaginative idea into a real artwork you can show it up to the world
and it’s so vital and a well updated software.

CHUKS: Wow! I guess that’s a big round of applause for the adobe team.
Among all the tools being used in Photoshop, which is your best when working on a design?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: Actually I have no favorite tools but I try
as much as I can to employ each tool that may help me create my
artworks and make use of its functions to get my own style at the end.

CHUKS: That is good to know..
So tell us, what do you hope to achieve in your graphic designing skill?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: I wish nothing much but to be more talented and creative; and I hope my designs could help with something and somehow in making a better world full of art and peace.

CHUKS: That is so inspiring, I hope the young generation can learn from that.
So have you in anyway influenced the build up of graphic designing in your country? and also can you tell us some of your achievements in graphic designing?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: I can’t make sure about that, but I’m trying to do so. All I can do right now is to give tips and
advice for those who want to start.

How do you go about when faced with challenges? For example, let’s say someone tells you to design something without any context, how would you go about it?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: It’s a confusing situation. It gets your mind exhausted, but as a designer i have to do it and get the most
suitable and creative idea for it; getting the ideas is another challenge you may encounter.

CHUKS: Okay..

So walk me through your portfolio. Which is the best design work you have ever done?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: Here are some works which I consider my masterpieces.

in the wood 1

in the wood 2

the jungle




ALAA ABO ELMAGD: I think these are my favorite designs.

CHUKS: Wow! some lovely works you
have got here.. I guess hardwork and self will is the major key.
So are you currently working on any major design project?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: I have many things and responsibilities besides graphic designing, I also have many new, different and
brilliant ideas but it’s all about time.

CHUKS: Ya that is true. One should know how to also manage his or her time.
Speaking of time, how do you tend to create a balance between your graphic designing, education and other form of life activities?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: It is such a boring process to make a plan for all of your daily activities and to deliver your work in time. You feel that you need the day to be 48 hours not 24. All you need is

CHUKS: Hahahaa! funny how time flies though it doesn’t have wings.

So at your current level in graphic design, with time being excluded, what other challenges do you face that hinders you from improving on your design skills?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: My faculty got me hooked with a lot of work loads, many assignments every week, periodically you must prepare some presentations, and of course exams and exams and exams…Seriously that kills me.

CHUKS: Wow! so that is to say you have a lot of work load on your hands.
Are you by anyway into freelancing?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: Yes of course! it’s my job and somehow I can handle everything without affecting my work negatively… I can do it ✌

CHUKS: Smart!
Before we call it done in this interview, something caught my eye in two of your best design works. I want you to tell us how you got the light into the lamp in your “in the wood” design work.

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: Only using the brush tool, you make some layers on top of each other, in each layer you use the brush tool filled with different degree of the same color and then you change the blend mode to “screen”. But there are other ways to accomplish this step, you just have to be creative.

CHUKS: Interesting!

Finally Mr. Alaa Abo Elmagd, what do you think of as a graphic design tutorial website? Do you find it innovative and a good way to pass out knowledge to the world? and would you recommend it for young minded graphic designers?

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ALAA ABO ELMAGD: Ya sure. It is a good idea to share your knowledge to the world. Keep it up and i hope the best for you.

My advice to those who want to take a step in this field is: never lose hope, work hard and intelligently, get inspiration and try as much as you can not to imitate others but be creative and learn how to create.

CHUKS: Thanks alot Mr. Alaa Abo Elmagd. It was nice having you with us on this interview. Do you have a media by which fans out there could contact and reach out to you?

ALAA ABO ELMAGD: Thank you too Mr. Chuks for the opportunity you gave me to feature in an interview of yours. Well, if there are any fans out there, you can contact me on Whatsapp via +201229604903, email and facebook.

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